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The Invitation of Love is a Relationship philosophy based on the findings of Rory Kilmartin, a Relationship Researcher and Human Developer based in London UK.

It is also a growing community of like-minded people who are interested in learning and evolving in these vital areas of life.


Over the coming weeks Rory shares with you the most important findings from his 30+ years of inquiry and research into love and relationships.


The Invitation of Love Breakthrough Study Program is designed for benevolent, well-meaning people who recognise life is a growth centred experience and who have a strong desire to expand their awareness and understanding in these areas of life.


Former participants of the program are unanimous in their positive experience, and grateful for the wisdom and benefit that comes from being part of this community.


Welcome, we hope you find value and benefit from being part of the IOL tribe.

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Watch our FREE Online Masterclass


If you're new to the Invitation of Love and are keen to dip your toe into the water first, you will enjoy our FREE online Masterclass.


During this 4 part Masterclass Rory discusses The Old Model of Relationships and The New Model of Relationships.


This is an absolute must for anyone wishing to love & be loved more beautifully.

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Level 1

This breakthrough program based upon 30 years of dedicated research serves to demystify Love and Relationships.


This 10 part program will provide you with the awareness required to ensure you never again suffer at the hands of a toxic relationship.


You start by delineating The Old Model of Relationships.


You will then learn the foundational principles of The New Model of Relationships.


By the end of the program you will be in a position to create Your New Model of Relationships.


Are you ready to love and be loved more beautifully?


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